Angie is an explorer, pushing the boundaries of self comfort and human capacity to do the impossible. She didn't like cycling, but chose to cycle across America in 2014 rather than drive or fly, simply to challenge herself to travel cross country via a sport she is weaker in (compared to running). Her next adventure will be revealed when she's ready to announce it. 

Her message is simple: We are each endowed with unique gifts and dreams. Our job is to answer them when they call.

She answers her personal calling by cycling across America in under six weeks, and continues to pursue bigger, bolder adventures, while filming, writing and speaking about her endeavors. She does all these to encourage others to live true to their calling. Because there is only one of you. And if you don't rise to your calling, no one will. 

Her professional career before she cycled across America gave her a firm foundation in meticulous research and creative media production: first, a legal executive for over ten years, and later on, a researcher and writer in a television production house. 

Angie was born and raised in Malaysia. She lived in Singapore for 16 years before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, California in 2012.