"Crazy Cycling Chick is a refreshing read. The book captures Angie's inner struggles, honest thoughts and deep reflections throughout the entire journey, including the challenges faced prior the trip and the raw emotions experienced post ride. I particularly enjoyed the encounters Angie had at various pit stops, sharing with us the personal interactions she has with the individuals she met along the way. I was craving for more stories as I flip the pages! I resonate with Angie that we don’t need that much in life, but we certainly need dreams to thrive. I highly recommend this uplifting read to all for a motivational start to 2017." -Ruth H, Singapore


"Angie is an authentic gem and so is 'Crazy Cycling Chick'. You will not find a more authentic inspirational adventure. There is no manufacturing of words, tension, over the top grit, or crudeness. There is a beauty in reality. The journey is spelled out in the real, and it is an eye opening look at a courageous, faithful, person full of unabashed curiosity who has a wide eyed appreciation for the unique U.S. adventure she is on, all the while informed by a series of life experiences even further afield. The adventure is internal and external. I'd say it takes us 'behind the scenes', but there are no barriers from the get-go. Everything is laid bare. This seems to be out of respect for her reader and for the spiritual identity of her life as a part of something larger than herself. We have the privilege of seeing it unfold unflinchingly. The cross country journey itself, and the preparation for it is clearly a grueling test of perseverance for Angie and her team, mentally and physically. As a reader I could not help but but empathize, and become wrapped up in, and almost feel the pain and sweat, the awe, joy, questioning, frustrations, and successes. It is an honest relational journey with family and friends, and a fascinating team of brave sojourners. It was an honor to ride along with her, and with them, in some small way through this book." -Chris S, Ohio


"I really found value in learning more about the experience and logistics of Angie's ride across the U.S. After watching her documentary, I was curious about how she made it happen and this book answered much of those questions. As someone who likes to plan adventures of different types, it's great to hear and learn about a real world perspective about one like this, and it also encourages me to do more!" -Gabriel R, California


"A wonderful story about an amazing journey which is simultaneously inspirational, educational and entertaining. Angie, a recent immigrant to the US, sets off to explore her new country on bicycle even though she isn't even an avid cyclist. As a serious cyclist who has contemplated undertaking just such a journey myself, Angie's determination and willpower in pulling the trigger and completing the journey is a truly inspirational testament to what we can achieve. Angie goes into the details of how she planned and carried out her journey while sharing many interesting anecdotes of what she and her riding partner saw and did along the way and, most importantly, the people they met who encouraged them to continue onward despite the challenges of the ride. Although most of us will never muster the time, courage and resources to be able to replicate Angie's ride her book makes you feel as if you were in the saddle alongside her experiencing all the travails and triumphs. A wonderful read, highly recommended!" Haddon Z, California


"I am thoroughly enjoying reading about Angeline’s adventures riding across America. It is so inspiring that she dreamed a big dream and had the gumption to see it rough to fulfillment. I count it a true gift that she has so beautifully documented her journey, complete with the ups and downs, to share with us. This book has been both easy to read and relate to. It means a lot to have fellow female endurance athletes to look up to. With this book, Angie has inspired me to conquer the mountains both literal and physical in my life." -Anonymous


"An honest account of the ups and downs of any great endeavor. The author's straightforward prose makes this an enjoyable easy read. The fact that there are stories of real life folks encountered shows that in any adventure it's the journey that needs to be savored. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in endurance sports or needs an inspiration to push oneself towards a dream or a goal." -Jason O, California


"I found the book very inspiring. I know I would never even make half the trip Angie did. It is an adventure of another kind. The kind of adventure everyone should have. Meet new people, understand them and be accepted by them." -Anonymous








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