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Podcast Interview on The Global Travel Channel: Published July 7, 2019

Most people when traveling from one side of the USA to the other take a plane, a train, or even drive. My guest today decided to ride her bike across the continent. In this episode we hear from Angie Tan as she shares her remarkable journey.

The emotional, physical and spiritual challenges this trip provided for Angie were immense. You really will want to hear how someone can start with a dream, and then with the help of many, make the dream become a reality. 

To watch Angie’s official documentary about her ride, click on this link

Listen to the interview here

Podcast Interview on The Tao of Self Confidence: Published Nov 9, 2016

Angeline Tan is a filmmaker, writer and athlete.  In the summer of 2014, she cycled 4,000 miles across America in a personal record time of 39 days. And produced a full-length documentary. She did them both without any prior experience in endurance cycling or filmmaking.

Angeline realized that in order to get out of a life of mediocracy and to start thinking big, she to do something extraordinary.  Find out what made Angeline to dream big and reach high in order to be the person she is today.

Listen to the interview here


Published: Oct 19, 2016

Crazy Cycling Chick chronicles Angeline Tan’s tale of overcoming adversity, inner doubts and pushing her limits to ride from the West to the East Coast of America in 40 days.

“We do not have to stop dreaming because of the lack of endurance, resources, capabilities and abilities. Regardless of our limitations, we can take baby steps towards our dreams. All we have to do is to set a goal, break it down into small steps and take one step at a time,” says Tan.

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Published: Feb 3, 2018

Time fleets from our life, faces disappear in the crowd. Yet the beauty of film is that it freezes moments. Moments are important because they represent a face and each face tells a story.  This 1-min film brings you into the stories behind faces I encountered for a short few hours in Denver, CO.


first of a series of Short Clips of My solo ride around Ireland in July 2016.

Film footage is entirely self shot, directed, edited and produced by Angie.