These are the wonderful companies and individuals that made Angie Across America possible. 

Corporate Sponsors (scroll down for Individual Sponsors)

A picture speaks a thousand words. A video expresses life in its fullest. Life is to be experienced and shared. And that is what muvee does best - unleashing a wide repertoire of video editing softwares for both desktops and mobile phones for anyone and everyone to easily capture moments and bring them to life in easy and fun steps - no professional video editing skills needed - just muvee's incredibly simple-to-use softwares! Get onboard or get left behind! muvee is on track to become the fastest growing and most popular video editing softwares in the market today. Not just because of its frontier technology, but more so, its incredible team headed by Founder and CEO, Terence Swee, an incredible man whose vision and energy knows no limits.

Angie Across America is proud to be generously supported by Infinium Robotics, an industry leader specializing in drone solutions in GPS-denied environmentsand indoors. Infinium Robotics is revolutionizing commercial industries with the use of aerial robotics. The aerial shot in my video was performed by the good people in Infinium Robotics who has already established their presence in the United States and Asia.


I'm extremely privileged to have Colin Batchelor from Total Cycle Coach provide me with in-depth cycling analysis and training from now till June 2014, as I undertake my first ultra endurance road cycling event. My aim is to get stronger and fitter, and Colin has been absolutely instrumental in transforming this aerobic engine of mine into a lean, mean cycling machine to tackle this brutal yet spectacular cross country ride. A British Cycling Level 3 coach, Colin demonstrates tremendous wisdom, understanding, patience and insight into the unique challenges I face as a triathlete-turned-cyclist.


Words can't explain how very proud I am to be sponsored by Voler, a premier cycling apparel company hailing from Southern California, USA. All its apparels are made in the USA (not outsourced to other countries) - you can only imagine the quality of the apparel, which is impeccable. The fabric is soft on the skin yet durable. They are extremely comfortable and allows for easy skin breathing. Voler caters to full custom and semi custom cycling apparel, both of which are easily designed and managed from their online platform. More importantly, the team in Voler truly cares about people - their customer service is world class. A special shout out to its eCommerce Director Aaron Barker and eCommerce Project Coordinator Wayne Lance who are extremely helpful, patient and gracious and for going out of their way to ensure that I have everything I need. What does it take to produce first class cycling apparel and excellent customer service? Well, ask Voler - they totally got it right.

Am proud to be sponsored by Apidura, an innovative solution to bike packing - rackless packing system! No more racks and panniers that add up the weight and complexity of packing your essentials for multi-day rides. I'm a big fan of hassle-free travels, so having a large enough and easy-to-setup storage system for my cycling gear, clothes, spare tubes, repair kit and food is paramount to me - and I'm glad Apidura does just that. But more so, the founders are passionate cyclists themselves, so Apidura was birthed out of a heart for fellow cyclists who take it to the road for days and months on end. Apidura was created with the endurance cyclist in mind. Which is why I love it to bits! ;)


As an endurance athlete, the biggest deal breaker during training and racing is hydration - lose of hydration causes a major lose of power. Before discovering Osmo Nutrition, I struggled in my training - I trained hard but never quite see the improvement I needed. I searched for a solution and found Osmo - developed by credible researchers and scholars who worked with elite triathletes, cyclists and endurance athletes, the founder herself being a triathlete and a researcher in Stanford University (Dr Stacy Sims), I've experienced my biggest breakthroughs in hydration and enhanced power during and post training. 

Looking to raise funds for your next project? Kickstarter or Indiegogo aren't the only way to go. Both have their limitations that I've personally encountered when I first crowdfunded Angie Across America on Kickstarter. Ignition Deck is the ultimate crowdfunding platform where you retain full control over the funds and time period, at a fraction of the cost. Kickstarter charges 5% for successful pledges, Indiegogo charges 4% for successful pledges or 9% for partial pledges, while Ignition Deck costs as low as $79 to get started.  Best of all, the customer service is unbeatable - I got my crowdfunding started and sustained with the incredible help of Nathan Hangen and Shawn Christenson, founders of Ignition Deck.

Spitfire Athlete is the brainchild of two brilliantly smart and savvy young ladies, Erin Parker and Nidhi Kulkarni. Graduates of Stanford University and MIT respectively, these girls put their heads and passion together to develop an app that provides strength training programs specially for women. The most impressive detail about these ladies? They're both coders/programmers, on top of being awesome designers and athletes themselves. I can't say enough how impressed I am with them, and am honored to know them both.


I'm proud to be a brand ambassador for Dryrobe, an outdoor change robe from the UK. Now, why Dryrobe for a bike ride across America? Well, because more than an endurance cyclist, I'm a triathlete, and living in the San Francisco Bay Area where the open waters are freezing cold, I can't thank Dryrobe enough for keeping me warm in my endless pursuit of more adventures, be it in the water, on two wheels or on two legs.




Feixing Tuang     |     United States

Christopher Pang     |     Singapore

Jerome Woehl     |     United States

Cedric Tan     |     Singapore

Janice Chan     |     Singapore

Max Huffman     |     United States

Winnie Lim     |     United States

Justin Teh     |     Singapore

Kenneth Dowling     |     United States

Jeremy Foo     |     United States

Enrico C Varella     |     Singapore

Sandra Chia     |     Singapore

Poh Bee Lim     |     Singapore

Eric Wong     |     Singapore

Jared Easley     |     United States

Tim Sutton     |     United States

Matt Johnston     |     United States

Benson Kong     |     Singapore

Grace Teoh     |     Singapore

Jasmine Ho     |     United States

Stanley Leong     |     United States

Geovanny Avendano     |     United States

Anthony Ramirez     |     United States

Donna DeWick     |     United Kingdom

Adam & Amy Hahn     |     United States

Quin Aw     |     United States

Cheow Yong Chia     |     Singapore

Sin Guan Tan     |     Singapore

Charlotte Yew     |     Singapore

Michael Ong     |     Singapore

Brian Feinberg     |     United States

Adelyn Sim     |     Singapore

Kian Lee Khoo     |     Australia

Desmond Chow     |     Singapore

Alexis Jimenez     |     United States

Brad Kelley     |     United States

Tuan Le     |     United States

Kheen Theen Chin     |     Singapore

Mei Ling Chan     |     Singapore

Martin Kwok     |     United Kingdom

Justin Teh & Alinna Chan     |     Singapore

Eddie Thng     |     Singapore

Ron Iovino     |     United States

Isaac Teo     |     Singapore

Huey & Cac Nguyen     |     United States

Teck Sing Kee     |     Singapore

Jeffrey Lim     |     Singapore

Sharon Loi     |     Singapore

Soares Chen     |     Singapore

Young Set     |     Malaysia

Dawn Lee     |     Singapore

Hui Koon Teo     |     Singapore

Patricia Elson     |     United States

Suzanne Peck     |     United States

Sopheak Sim     |     United States

Scott & Tamika Ellsworth     |     United States

Carin CY Yap     |     Singapore

Roy P. M. Foo     |     Singapore

Lin Koon Tan     |     Singapore

Clifford Lee Kona     |     Singapore

Ayumi Urata     |     Japan

Glenn Belen     |     United States

Ryan Dao     |     Singapore

Silvia Campos     |     United States

Saul Alvarez     |     Singapore

Walter Ward     |     United States

Irene Tan     |     United Kingdom

Wan Ee Chua     |     Singapore

Ruth Ho     |     Singapore

Bevan Foo & Grace Wong     |     Singapore

Stephanie Tng     |     Singapore

Jacqueline Ong     |     Singapore

Rosalind Low     |     Malaysia

Linda Lua     |     United States

Alam Kasenally & Min Xuan Lee     |     United States

Kevin & Michelle Li     |     United States

Shean Mohammed     |     United States

Guy Shuman & Mindy Steiner     |     United States

Christopher Mok     |     United States

Peter Sih     |     United States

Anthony Wu     |     United States

John & Jen Giles     |     United States

Franco Limido     |     United States

Michael Childs     |     United States

James Wheatley     |     United States

Creighton Chong     |     United States

Manoharan Pariasamy     |     Singapore

Nikola Hu & Meng Li     |     United States

Air Vongxayasy     |     Singapore

Wilson Ang     |     Singapore

Manly & Cameo Danh     |     United States

Vijch GK     |     Singapore

Tom Vo     |     United States

Susan Tahir     |     United States

Tobias Frenz     |     Dubai

Vance & Kim Roush     |     United States

Mindy Chia     |     Australia

Mingding Han     |     Singapore

Diana Tan     |     Australia

Michael Chen     |     Singapore

Briony Gutzenbach     |     Singapore

Arrix Zhou     |     China

Ailian Gan     |     United States

Aihui Ong     |     United States

Wendy Gan     |     Singapore

Chrisann Dalton     |     United States

Melvin Lye & Vianne Li     |     United States

Guo Xiang Tan     |     Singapore

Desmond Tan     |     Singapore

Olli Hautamaki     |     Finland

Guan Liong Ong     |     Singapore

Cindy Asrir     |     United States

Linda Liukas     |     United States

Tibor Kereszturi     |     United States

Samir Aboulhouda     |     United States

Alvin S. J. Ng     |     Singapore

Ansel Misfeldt     |     United States

Dennis Quek     |     Singapore

Bill Bradley     |     United States

Junyang Woon     |     Singapore

Samuel Wee     |     Singapore

Sneha Menon     |     United States

Ching Hong Koh     |     Singapore

Jason Ong     |     United States

Rob Block     |     United States

Gary Premo     |     United States

Herryanto Siatono     |     Singapore

Suwalee Phadtajaphan     |     Malaysia

Joseph Aziz     |     United States

Olivia Lau     |     Singapore

Ash Shairzay     |     United States

Rick & Lauren Schwartz     |     United States

Sek Ling Chew     |     Singapore

Theresa Tan     |     Singapore

Dennis Plato     |     United States

Chris & Lysa Khoo     |     United States

Paul Chen     |     Singapore

James Lee & Esther Teo     |     Singapore

Brett & Jasmine Cooley     |     United States

Swee Seng Ong & Jane Thng     |     Singapore

Keith & Weena Moore     |     Singapore