3 Weeks to go: I Need Your Support!


I am pleased to announce that I have launched a new crowdfunding campaign on my website here. You'd notice that it looks a lot like the previous Kickstarter campaign, with similar features including the goal amount, number of pledgers, amount pledged, expiration date of the pledge campaign, as well as the reward tiers. This is important because it provides for transparency during the new crowdfunding campaign - my financial records will be an open book for my pledgers and all to see. This new crowdfunding campaign will go on from May 9 till after July 31 (well after my bike ride), for a period of over 80 days. That’s a long time for crowdfunding. Yes, it is indeed. Reason for doing so is because it may be difficult for many to see the reality of this bike ride till I actually hit the road from June 7 - July 17, during which there will be actual, live updates and progress on my ride, interviews with people and live video streaming - upon which people would be more excited and motivated to support the project, as they witness the tangibility of the project.

My hope is that this project is funded entirely on the support, love and passion of people who believe in pushing our mortal bodies and minds to the limits and doing that supported, by a community who believes in the far-reaching capabilities of the human spirit.

I look forward to your continual support here on www.angieacrossamerica.com/support. Please continue to be donate generously and spread the word of this ongoing crowdfunding campaign. I believe in the power of a strong community - together, we can raise the finances necessary to make this bike ride and documentary a reality.

In the meantime, I am training harder and working even harder putting together the logistics for this enormous adventure. All is well! ;)

My sweet ride everyday now during training and will be for the 40-day adventure!