Eating Well: Simplified

We are created differently. There is no two similar body type and craving. Yes there is the general similarity in that we all have faces, bodies, arms and fingers, legs and toe, but just like there aren’t two similar thumbprints, we each bring our unique print to ourselves.

Other people can, but I can’t. Others can drink sugared flavored coffee drinks, I can’t. I put on belly fat quickly within a day or two of continued sweet drinks. Others can eat bread and pastry several times a day, I can hardly have one a day without putting on belly fat. Besides, pastries fill me up only for an hour or two, before making me crave for food again, and I end up consuming more calories than I should.

What you can or can’t eat is different from what I can and can’t eat. Thus I got to analyze what works for me, not what works for others and copy it. Copying others' methods is disastrous because I may end up disappointed by the lack of result, discouraged at my personal failure and deterred from trying in future.

Eating is more than choosing what you eat. It should be one where you study the effect it has on you. I like this so I eat this, but does this nourish me or does it make me crave for more? It’s good food when it nourishes, it’s not good when it causes me to crave for more. Processed and refined flour and sugary food are like that. This includes bread, pastry, flavored coffee, milk tea and hot chocolate.

I don’t need to eat more than a single portion, no matter how much I like something. Get rid of the scarcity mindset, that if I don’t eat it now, I won’t be back in this restaurant or area again, and I won’t get to eat it again. It’s ok if I don't, it’s not gonna kill me. That craving right there is a need, not a want. Don’t be deceived into buying and consuming another serving. More often than not, the second serving won’t taste as delightful as the first and I’d feel terrible from eating too much. So not only am I making myself feel lousy, I waste money, and all in all it’s a lousy decision.

Exercise self control. In all things and everything. All day everyday. I remember listening to a podcast once by Dr Joyce Meyer who said she practices self control over what she eats every minute of every single day. Self control is not restrictive or limiting. For some, it’s the crucial thing to do. If you don't struggle with a certain issue then you don’t have to battle with self control. If you do struggle with certain issues then you have to exercise self control in order not to get in trouble. For example, if I have a drinking problem, I have to practice self control every day not to drink. Thankfully I don’t and I don’t have to make decisions to stay away from it. I just don’t need it and I don’t drink it. But I do love food and I have to exercise self control when it comes to food.

This delicious tofu katsu curry is from  Bhugay's Katsu Curry in Oakland , California.

This delicious tofu katsu curry is from Bhugay's Katsu Curry in Oakland, California.