How to be Happy

Instead of envying, be. Instead of envying successful individuals, be the success you desire. Instead of envying someone with focus, take responsibility over yourself.

How do we lift ourselves out of the rut and be? It’s easier said than done, you say. There is no clear answer except that all things start with desire, and desire strong enough, produces action.

How do you stoke the flame of desire? By thinking about it often enough, surrounding yourself with images, talks, reminders of it.  

Administer lots of self talk. You are the only one who can lift yourself out of your rut. Not somebody else. You. Yes you might seek counsel, but if you’re not ready to take action for yourself, all those counsel will fall hopelessly to the ground and accomplish nothing.

Be the best that you can be each day and every day, each time and every time. There is so much to life and so much to offer.

The fact that there are people alive is reason to live.

Never be bored, uninspired, unmotivated. There is so much to life. Live life fully and abundantly. No, not recklessly, but freely and deeply.

Not everything you do will be publicly seen and appreciated. Most times you’ve got to put in a ton of foundation work that nobody sees - what people do see is merely the building from the ground up. Likewise we’ve got to work hard in our craft - for me, it’s writing my daily journal, brainstorming ideas, taking lots of photos and videos that never make it to screen.

But are those a waste of time if nobody ever sees them? No, not at all! On the reverse, those experiences are valuable training without which I would not build mastery.

Mastery is practice build over time. In order to get better at my craft, I need to put in more hours in practice than producing work that makes it to screen and onto public eye.

The failure then is not that we don’t have ideas or a plan - the failure is that we don’t follow through with our plan.

Ideas abound, plans hit paper; our failure is following through with the plan.

Have a clear goal and execute. Do not be distracted.

Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles, California. Circa December 2012

Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles, California. Circa December 2012