Lessons from the Road: Part 1: Things

Three weeks later, I’m finally out of ‘hibernation’ and spilling my thoughts on how the ride across America has impacted me for 6 weeks from early June to mid July this year. Many asked if I’m forever changed by an endeavor as huge as Angie Across America. To keep my answer short, I would say yes, I am.

Like a rubber band stretched to its limits which can’t return to its original length, width and elasticity, my mind, body, soul, spirit and emotions have undergone a major transformation.

I see and experience things differently.

How differently?

My perception of life, for instance.

While on the ride, I wore the same set of cycling apparel, and washed them every night when I showered, drying them when I slept and re-wore them each morning. I’ve mastered the art of wringing my dripping wet clothes with a towel where the towel would absorb the dripping wetness and leave a semi-dry apparel for drying by the airconditioner in the motel.

I carried all the gear I needed with me for 39 days - toiletries, slippers, repair kits, extra inner tubes, jacket, arm and leg warmers, sun block, apples, energy bars, packets of gummy bears.

Bike gear

Those were the only items I needed to live on each day, and they were sufficient.

We don’t need much in life to survive. More possessions don’t equate to more joy. More possessions mean distractions from the truly necessary. More possessions mean more time wasted in caring and protecting them from wear, tear and damage. Lesser possessions mean more time spent on truly important things. Like building relationships with people. Like spending time with people that matters. Like being present in the moment and taking in each experience, instead of worrying about this and that item.

… to be continued …

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