People Feature: Anthony of Sacramento

People Feature Series #3

The first time we spoke, I noticed sincerity sparkling through his eyes. His primary business is construction demolition, hauling of debris and project managing subcontractors; his secondary business is camera operation. A strange combination, I know, but hey a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to provide for his family. Well, camera operation is his primary passion, while construction is what puts food on the table for his family of three. He has a baby on the way. Here he is disposing debris from a wall demolition in a house he has been contracted to remodel.

I can tell he is doing his best to do what is right by the different hats that he is juggling, though sometimes things are beyond his control; sometimes he’s fazed by changes and unrealistic expectations. Yet through it all he is solid like a rock, unlike the broken pieces of concrete he is scooping and disposing out of the window.