Raving Review: Flystein - how to travel cheap

Flystein came across my radar through a friend. Had it not been for my friend Derek Low's recommendation (in fact, he wrote a candidly honest and detailed piece here), I would have been skeptical - how could a search service possibly save me hundreds of dollars in air tickets? Doesn't Kayak, Orbitz, etc already do that? 

To my surprise, Flystein does way better than Kayak, Orbitz, etc. These guys at Flystein are truly little Einsteins when it comes to getting you the cheapest air tickets, by throwing in some tricks most people aren't aware of. These tricks are legit though, and only experts in the field, like these Flystein guys, know the way around. 

What would have cost me over $900 for an air ticket from San Francisco to Singapore and Seattle had I booked via Kayak, I paid only $700 through Flystein's magic search. That's a $200 savings for me, and plus my husband's air ticket, we saved a whopping $400! Flystein charges $49 upfront for finding you the cheapest air ticket. Within a day or two, they'd come back with their findings on the cheapest flight and a direct link to the airlines. You'll make the reservation with the airlines yourself (Flystein doesn't do it for you) so your payment information is secured. After making my reservation, I double checked with the airlines to confirm that my reservation got through. It did. Hurrah! Flystein was no hoax!

www.flystein.com    ||    @flystein  on Twitter   ||    @flystein_com  on Instagram

www.flystein.com   ||   @flystein on Twitter   ||   @flystein_com on Instagram


And if you need to make a change to your flight itinerary? No problem, Flystein allows for one free change. These guys are excellent in customer service - I always get a personal response within a day. 

What's nice is that there is a money back guarantee. If Flystein can't find you cheaper tickets than you could yourself, they'd refund you the $49 you paid. Now, that's a sure win for you, don't you think? 

Good things need to be shared so I'm sharing the excellent service of Flystein, but at the same time I'm also selfish and wish I could keep this secret to myself so I can always get cheap air tickets! 

Well, the secret's out of the bag, so go knock yourself out with cheap travels around the world. You're welcome.