San Francisco Speaks: Love... Part 1

Having moved to San Francisco from Singapore over 6 years ago, I’ve always been fascinated by the colorful spectrum of life that this enchanting city offers, and particularly so its people. I always believe that we are exactly where we need to be. For me, living here in San Francisco is no coincidence. I am exactly where I need to be. And why so? Because as a storyteller, my role is to bring out stories of people who make us laugh or cry with them, stories which resonate with our own, stories which make us think and reflect upon our values and beliefs.

For a while now I’ve been digging for answers to a question we ask ourselves all the time... Is it possible to love wholeheartedly? Is it possible to love two persons at the same time?

Turner and Carol are two amazing individuals living in San Francisco, who have very courageously opened up their lives to speak with me about their take on Love. And not just any kind of love, but a non-conventional kind of love...

My gratitude goes out to them both for their friendship, and for sharing their bravery. ;)

Angeline TanComment