Uniquely Me. No Apologies.

Admittedly, I’m not a clean writer. Not that I use inappropriate words in my writing, I mean I don’t write short and sweet - I’m long winded. I don’t have a clear, consistent message - a lot of my writing are mumbles and jumbles of my mind which I freely and openly share with the world, unabashed and unashamed. I reckon, we’re all mortals with our triumphs and failures, so why get so hung up? Why not chill a little and share a little so someone else can learn from and benefit from your sharing? That’s what I try to do here in my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I do try to write stuff that provides value to you, my readers, you know, stuff that I’ve learned as an athlete, writer, filmmaker, photographer, etc. But try hard as I might, I’m not good at that - I write best from the heart.

First week of a brand new year, here are some intimate messages from my heart:

  1. You can take away anything but please, do not deny my right to write. It’s my voice, my only source, my only navigation in this often bright and confusing world.

  2. I’m frugal because I have little need in my own life, thus I impose it on others not to have more than necessary. This explains why I have few friends despite my extroverted nature. This definitely explains the frequent tension and conflicting moments I have with my husband.

  3. I can’t imagine living a life where I’m chasing material pursuits of comfort and not working on building meaning and purpose. Which explains why I don’t drink or party.

  4. I’ve been brought up to be always doing and achieving, so doing anything on the reverse, i.e. being comfortable, takes me outta my skin and exposes a very raw nerve.

  5. I resolve to exercise kindness. Being kind means being patient, even when my drive is pushing me forward and raising my temperature against people who are traveling at different speeds from me. I’m guaranteed to trip, but I resolve to get back up and do it over and over, despite the numerous attempts. I ain’t knocked down till I stay down.

I won’t impose my personal goals on the world; I carry them in my spirit and know that I will light up every path I take this year and beyond. Here’s to an astounding 2017 and may your vision be a clear guide that leads you to amazing feats and a fulfilling life.

Overlooking the frozen Caples Lake, located some 30 miles south of Lake Tahoe, a popular ice fishing spot in California.

Overlooking the frozen Caples Lake, located some 30 miles south of Lake Tahoe, a popular ice fishing spot in California.