Jan 1, 2019 | San Francisco

Vulnerability 010119.jpg

If I was to be really honest, 2017 was painful because of our house in V-town - the unpleasant environment greatly affected our marriage.

2018 was dark because my heart was in the wrong place and traveling solo greatly exacerbated my sense of loneliness.

I don’t ever wanna be a leech, sucking from everyone. I wanna be a joy and impact giver - everywhere I go, everyone I meet, I give joy and life.

When uninspired to write, describe my immediate surroundings so I bring to life the very things that people don’t see and care about.

A writer really is a mathematician. She observes and notes the problems in the world. She tries to find solutions. She writes much for flow and idea generation. The more she writes (published works), the better she is as a writer - it really is leveraging on the mathematical concept of the balance of probabilities.

If I had been open and vulnerable in past years, I’d be even more so in 2019 because I truly believe true vulnerability heals.

We can’t heal what we don’t bring to light. That which remains in darkness stays hidden, its grip tightening, its power expanding.

Expose that which you need healing for. Yes, you might be met with lots of rejection, criticism and opposition, but let these negative darts fly over your head and drop to the ground - don’t let them stick.

Keep on keeping on your search for truth and your healing will come. Though it tarries, it will surely come.