I am valued

Fallen hair.

The sight of a strand by itself, or a few strung together, or worse, a clump of them innocently laying on the bathroom floor, tiled-floor, living bedroom carpet, on the white dining table - they irk me to no end.

Every time I spot a strand or clump, my sense of anxiety gets heightened. I wouldn’t be calmed till I get rid of them in the toilet bowl or in the thrash bin.

Try hard as I might to care less about them, I couldn’t. I have to remove all traces of fallen hair visible to the naked eye. It’s been a thorn in my flesh for many years.

A realization hit me this morning as I spotted more clumps while blow-drying my hair - these fallen hair are God’s way of reminding me that if He cares about every single strand of hair that falls from my head, how much more will He not care for me?

Fallen hair - they are daily reminders of God’s faithfulness to me.

Will I remove them still? I probably still will.

Will I be irritated by the sight of them still? Perhaps less so.

Am I less anxious? Yes. I know I am loved and I have a destiny far bigger than removing fallen hair.

Angeline TanComment