We are created for relationship

We are created for relationship. The impulse for love, acceptance, sense of contribution and belonging is universal, anywhere you go in the world. This is why there is no separation on earth. We are indivisible. The thing that separates us is not geographical or boundary lines, citizenship or ethnicity; it’s not even culture, although culture is what defines us as a certain group of people or is what demarcates civilizations. What divides us; and by division, again it is not physical division, but a mental one - is our ideology. What do we believe in? What do we subscribe to? That is what separates us as different groups of people.

I have visited several countries (or to be precise, several cities in each of these countries) - England, Germany, Israel, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong; and I have built my life in several: Malaysia, Singapore, United States - well I wouldn’t claim to have lived in all of the entire United States - just the one state of California). 

What I found is that if we truly look past ideologies and ways of thinking - we live and breathe the same air (well, some more polluted than others), have the same need for the basic necessities of life: air, food, water, shelter; have the same need for the complex necessities of life: sense of self, sense of others, love, community, work, achievement. Wherever we are in the world - in our backyard, in the neighbouring country, even in the most remote or far corners of the world - we have the same basic and complex needs, so anywhere we visit or choose to build our lives and homes on earth, we need not feel strange or to view ourselves differently from others because really, we are one and the same. We are united - we just don’t acknowledge that.

When we acknowledge that, we are empowered to live not in fear or separation or aloneness, but to live with purpose, knowing that we are loved and accepted wherever we go in the world, and that we can thrive as a person and as a generation of people, regardless of geography.

I speak from what I know and experience, so if you have a different thought on this, let’s roll the ball and discuss. ;)

Angeline TanComment