Success is Community-Driven


Success is like an iceberg - what we do see, on the surface, is the forerunner of that success, the face and personality of the man or woman that represents that success. But what we don't see, underneath the glitz of that success, is the collective effort of a greater team behind that forerunner.

And this is so true of this project. I wouldn't have been able to pull of a project of this scale, single-handedly, by myself.

This project was birthed first as a thought in July 2013, and it wasn't till 4 months later, in November 2013, that I took the first step of committing to this ride across the country.

I'm thankful that right from the get go, I have incredibly talented and supportive friends who volunteered their time and skills to help me put together an idea into a medium that would carry my message across for the world to see - the video trailer that you see on Kickstarter.

Some of the generous people who support this project financially & creatively

Whenever I reach out to people who have had more experience than me for help - endurance cyclists, TV producers, filmmakers, investors, entrepreneurs - these great people who started off as strangers whose doors I knock, eventually become friends and mentors who generously offer their time and advice to steer me in the right direction.

Throughout my life, I am extremely blessed to be surrounded by friends who believe in me and are always encouraging me to pursue my dreams.

Family & friends who love me so and are incredibly supportive in word & deed

Due to the amazing support of family, friends and strangers, we have, to-date, raised close to $10,000. This is a great accomplishment, and I am truly humbled by your faith and believe in me and in this project.

With just 9 days to go to raise the remaining $30,000, I have learnt to not worry, but to remain steadfast and believe that provision will come and more importantly, that miracles do happen.

This is not mere wishful thinking - this is my utmost confidence in the goodwill of the world we live in today, where dreams are carried on the shoulders of an entire community, and movers and shakers are made up of not just one man or woman, but entire groups of people and communities.

Angie Across America is a collective dream, a community-driven project that binds us all as one. With your support and the support of more people that will come to learn of this project, this will be a success.  Even before we cross the finish line in 9 days, I salute you and share this success with you. ;)


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