When We Dream


I was about to discard a notebook this afternoon when I noticed something I wrote 1.5 years ago, on Nov 17, 2012:

It’s amazing what you see when you close your eyes:

Your world runs wild, there are no boundaries, no limitations; everything is a possibility.

But when we open our eyes, suddenly we are snapped back to earth to what we can see, feel and understand.

It is our imagination that accomplishes unimaginable things.

I wrote this in November 2012. The dream for Angie Across America was birthed exactly a year later in November 2013.

This is why I write - because there is tremendous power in the written word. When we write, it is not merely words on paper (or digital words on a screen). It is our entire being coming to a central focus as we put thoughts into written words; it is all of our senses coming together as we memorialize our thoughts and give them substance.

A year before the birth of Angie Across America, I was desiring for a world without limitations. A year later, I took the first of many baby steps towards making Angie Across America a possibility.


When you close your eyes, your world runs wild, there are no boundaries, no limitations; everything is a possibility.

Why am I sharing this with you? This is to serve two purposes:

Self encouragement

Discovering this note I wrote in November 2012 serves as a great encouragement to me to keep dreaming big and to expand my boundaries because my God is not limited, and as His created being, neither am I.

I hope it encourages you

To always put into writing, your thoughts, dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Never underestimate the power of the pen (or keyboard or touchpad).

Put your dreams onto paper (or screen). When you do realize your dream some time down the road, you would look back to the time when you wrote your dream and be thankful that it was your act of writing it down that made you walk down the path towards the fulfillment of your dream.