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American Towns: A Picture Journal: Part 1

The first day went by in a blur. I was excited to be getting on the road and covering as much distance as possible, having spent 6 months preparing for this day. We rode along the magnificent Oregon coast which lined the Pacific Ocean. I had lived in California and ridden along the Californian coast and thought the Californian coast to be beautiful - the Oregon coast somehow seemed more beautiful. Maybe because it’s way more north on the hemisphere and seemed more blue, I can’t be sure.

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This Ain’t No Walk in the Park: Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Never again will I look at the Grand Canyon in the same way ever again. I first set eyes on her on a road trip in December 2011, during which I exclaimed to myself, this must be the most majestic place in the United States. And now in October 2017, almost 6 years later, to be able to get right up close and personal to her, not driving, but hiking right into her bosom, feels almost unreal. It's like a dream come true; a longing that's finally fulfilled.

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2016 U.S. Election: Your attitude trumps it all

I’m not American and I couldn’t vote. I’m an immigrant in this country and while my voice is small and insignificant, these are my views:

The true character of a person is demonstrated in difficult times. Don’t add negativity to negativity. Don't add darkness to darkness. Let your good light shine.

Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. Every little thing matters. Counter negative with positive. That’s how you trump.

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