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American Towns: A Picture Journal: Part 1

The first day went by in a blur. I was excited to be getting on the road and covering as much distance as possible, having spent 6 months preparing for this day. We rode along the magnificent Oregon coast which lined the Pacific Ocean. I had lived in California and ridden along the Californian coast and thought the Californian coast to be beautiful - the Oregon coast somehow seemed more beautiful. Maybe because it’s way more north on the hemisphere and seemed more blue, I can’t be sure.

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Remembering Mike Hall: The greatest ultra endurance cyclist ever lived

Mike Hall was there at a prominent and defining moment in my life. Mike transformed the world of ultra endurance cycling by pioneering and founding the TransContinental Bike Race across Europe in 2013, out of which many other ultra endurance races across different countries in the world have emerged. He would be the fastest man to cycle around the world in 2012 and go on to win numerous ultra endurance races between 2012 and 2016. Mike wasn't just a cyclist - he was superhuman, and he was the sweetest man to his family, friends, cyclists around the world and people who know him as an incredible human being.

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The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 4

In the event of an emergency, pull out the life vest from under your seat and put it on yourself first before attending to a young child if you’re traveling with one. Yes, take care of yourself first, and only after you’ve done that do you care for a young child or someone else in need. Herein lies an important lesson: We got to first feed ourselves before we can feed others. We got to first prosper on the inside before we can bless someone else.

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Year End: Writing, Cycling and 2016

Being typically Asian and driven to hard work to acquire a sense of accomplishment and acceptance, I've always been one to strive for higher goals, in the process of which I'm often pushing myself beyond my limits and burning myself out. That's exactly what happened to my relationship with cycling. I set a goal of cycling 4,000 miles across the third largest country in the world in under 40 days in 2014, and when I was done, I was done with road cycling.

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