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What a chef taught me about life

He didn’t teach me how to cook - he taught me how to live.

No matter how each city presents its unglamorous side (homeless encampments throughout the city, the unbearable stench of urine on sidewalks, displays of neuroticism, widespread smashed windows and car break-ins), there is always a redemptive factor or two. For me I found it in daily writing meetups in this city and the wonderful people who chooses to devote several hours of their day to come together and hunker down on their projects collectively. 

I met Bernard, a chef, in a writing meetup in San Francisco. He taught me a big lesson about life.

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San Francisco: A Malaysian Perspective

My first impression of San Francisco when I first visited in April 2012 - I was in the passenger seat, while my husband drove; he asked me: What did you think? to which I responded: Underwhelmed. Contrary to San Francisco’s efforts to enchant its visitors with its unique attractions, I was underwhelmed by its many lack of. Here I briefly ramble off 10 things. But of course, San Francisco is not without its charm - it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Now here's my take of this amazing place I now call home.

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