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What a chef taught me about life

He didn’t teach me how to cook - he taught me how to live.

No matter how each city presents its unglamorous side (homeless encampments throughout the city, the unbearable stench of urine on sidewalks, displays of neuroticism, widespread smashed windows and car break-ins), there is always a redemptive factor or two. For me I found it in daily writing meetups in this city and the wonderful people who chooses to devote several hours of their day to come together and hunker down on their projects collectively. 

I met Bernard, a chef, in a writing meetup in San Francisco. He taught me a big lesson about life.

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A tale of loneliness: Marianne Behn

I’ve always had an unease with people hanging out by themselves. My memories of childhood were those of me returning home from school to an empty home. 

I smiled and waved to her to join us at our table. She smiled, shrugged as if to say, ‘Alright, what’s the harm?’ and brought her cake and tea over to our table.

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