Entrepreneurs who make the world a better place

In January 2013, I emailed the founder of Philz Coffee and had the privilege of a one-to-one coffee session with Phil Jaber and his son Jacob Jaber on two separate occasions. Our conversations impacted me deeply because I saw fire ignited in their eyes and soul that resulted in the great empire that Philz Coffee is today. 2 Sharing

It is due in no small part to this amazing man Phil Jaber, who stayed true to his calling - mastering the perfect brew - that inspired me to likewise, remain true to my calling, which resulted in www.angieacrossamerica.com and the documentary that you can now watch for free. I am who I am not because of me, no, it's never about me alone, it's always about the people around me who planted seeds of greatness that I've allowed to take root and blossom in my life.

2 Three hours

Phil Jaber was so gracious that he spent not just a couple of minutes but three full hours of his precious time chatting with me and sharing his life story.

A deeply contemplative yet personable man, Phil shared openly about his life, family, children, business.

3 Contemplative

When Phil opened his first coffee shop on 24th and Folsom in San Francisco, the area was rundown and filled with lots of homeless people without aim or purpose. His coffee shop started to bring a positive change in the area - down and out people would come into the coffee shop to get their daily brew, they would be greeted by extraordinary barristas who made everyone's day better with their warm, glowing smiles and cheerful demeanor, they savor excellently crafted coffee, feel good about themselves, and leave the shop to make something of themselves. Very soon after, the neighborhood, which was once dingy and dirty, turned into a cool, chic and artsy district. Who would have thought that a man could transform an entire neighborhood around with just coffee?

4 Neighbourhood

It truly is bizarre, what a cup of coffee can do. But that's exactly what Philz Coffee does - it changes people, for the better.

5 Changes people

Phil would say: "As Frank Sinatra was born to sing, Phil was born to make coffee." Truely so. The quality of his craft is evident in every single cup of Philz.

6 Frank Sinatra

I asked him, does he ever get tired of coffee? He says no. Coffee is his life. He's loved coffee as a little boy, and is continually perfecting his craft.

7 Perfecting his craft

Contentment. Gratitude. Respect for people. These are but some values Phil lives by. And that's what makes him successful as he is.

8 Contentment

I left our coffee session a changed person; for the better, definitely. He is such an amazing man I can only say this: the world needs more of him.

9 World needs more of him

I owe my success in cycling across America in part to Phil Jaber and his incredible legacy found in his son Jacob Jaber who are true entrepreneurs who paved the way for others to succeed. To that, I salute them both.

10 Legacy