Writing a book!

Late last year (which wasn't too long ago, it was only two months ago!) I announced that I would get cracking on writing my first book and have it published and launched in Singapore in May 2015.

It wasn't until a week ago that I started sitting at my writing desk in various coffee shops in Palo Alto, California, from 7am to 12pm to write.

I am glad to report that the writing has been going on well, although many a times, I find myself crying as I recall and re-experience, all over again, the pain and agony I went through, not just during the 39-day ride, but experiences from my childhood that formed and shaped me into who I am today.

The book has taken on a very different direction as originally intended - I had initially wanted to write a book which explores the cultural and historical facades of America from an Asian perspective, based on my observations as I cycled across the country. As I write, however, I find myself reaching into the hidden crevices of my past and drawing from it, the dark history of my childhood which few knows about, which I feel, is important for me to share, because Angie Across America is a lifelong culmination of those dark forces that shaped me.

While I work on my book, I have also been trying to promote and distribute the documentary. Guess what? An independent film review site based in New York picked it up and featured it in the month of February!

Everything rise and fall with purpose.

"Without a vision, people perish." Without purpose, we fail to stay focused and in control of our destiny. We'd be like dust blown by the wind.

Purpose is likened to a single train track - it goes to a specific destination, with stops in between to pick up passengers and re-fuel. It knows exactly where it is going.

My purpose is clear - my story, wrecked with pain, challenges and lessons, need to be told. Thus I sit at my writing desk each day to let the story unfold.

As I write relentlessly, I encourage you to first pen down your purpose for 2015, and like a train on schedule, to keep on keeping on in the single track direction of your purpose this year.

Writing at Philz