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Loneliness, depression is on the rise. What is the solution?

Depression and loneliness is on the rise. What can we do about this malady?

Does lifelong connection to our tribe reduce or eliminate depression or does it not? How much does nature or nurture contribute to depression?

When we move away from our birth family and form our own, can we engage new tribes with shared values that we could proudly belong to and continue to thrive individually and collectively?

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Why you should read Crazy Cycling Chick

Growing up as a highly-driven and motivated child, I often see men and women accomplishing great successes or feats of wonders and thought to myself, wow, that's incredible - I want to be like that. What I didn't realize then as a child, is that behind their accomplishments, behind the scene, away from the public eye and spotlight, is a journey riddled with doubt, discouragement, and disappointment, topped with incredible amounts of sweat and grit, pain and conflict, determination, and perseverance.

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Book / Author Review: Laughing Without An Accent, by Firoozeh Dumas

On a cold, gloomy and cloudy Saturday, while basking in the glory of a post swim workout after six months of inaction and with several cups of coffee for company later, I decided to read. I had other books in mind, but picked this one up because two words stuck out to me: "laughing" and "accent". "Laughing" because I know I can do with more of it, and "accent" because I'm a foreigner in America and I've often been misunderstood and judged for my accent, both by Americans and by my countrymen in Malaysia and Singapore (I only have one thing to say in my defence: I care less about accents than the need to enunciate). The book so humored and enlightened me I thought I'd write a review and share it.  

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