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The Reader

“Teach a child to read, that you may set the foundation for an empathetic and impactful human being.” -Angeline Tan.

A writer is first and foremost a reader. You ain’t building a skyscraper till you lay a solid and deep foundation. For all the pain my father inflicted me growing up, he did one thing well, and really well - he made sure there were no lack of book in our house. He would rather his children hungry than to go without books in our home. And for that, I thank him.

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Year End: Writing, Cycling and 2016

Being typically Asian and driven to hard work to acquire a sense of accomplishment and acceptance, I've always been one to strive for higher goals, in the process of which I'm often pushing myself beyond my limits and burning myself out. That's exactly what happened to my relationship with cycling. I set a goal of cycling 4,000 miles across the third largest country in the world in under 40 days in 2014, and when I was done, I was done with road cycling.

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