The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 3

Day 3 Unfolds:

Today Iā€™m overjoyed because it dawned on me that nothing I do, no amount of success in my career, no amount of cash in my bank account matter as much as the joy you bring or the grace you extend to another human being. Success comes and go, but lives touched, remain alight for eternity.

It cheers me as much as it did 90-year-old Marianne that a stranger whom she met six years ago would call her all the way from California to check in on her although we have nothing in common, not even a common language to communicate with (who's Marianne? Read this).

It cheers me to spend time with my 80-year-old cyclist friend whom I have lunch several times a year, during which time we chat about anything and everything under the sun.

It cheers me to realize that the impatient driver who refuses to allow me into his lane even with my visible signal was probably having a lousy day himself.

It cheers me to consider my husband's interest above mine and watch him smile even when he's had a rough day. 

Joy in an inner decision. So is forgiveness. So is gratitude. So is kindness. Change begins inside out.

The score today?

Joy 1. Kindness 1.

Yay. ;)