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The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 18

Everyone loves a smiling face, no matter how hardened they are. This I learn from observing my general contractors who always seem to be carrying a cheerful attitude into their work and environment, no matter how tough their work and financial situations are. I tried to apply the same principle in my marriage. It certainly isn’t easy, but I’m glad I try.

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The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 7

As long as we breathe, problems are bound to present themselves. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Life is a freeway. It’s a journey filled with fast and slow days, smooth traffic and congestion, good and bad people, ups and downs. If problems are coming our way whether we like it or not, we’ve got to change the way we perceive them rather than to throw our hands up in despair and give up.

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The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 2

Marriage is hard work. It takes more than just passion, love, smiles, cuddles and snugs. It takes more than just effort, compromises and giving ins. It takes sacrifice, selflessness and humility. Growing up with little love, attention or money, I learnt to be selfish. Whatever little love that’s dished out to me, I take. Whatever little attention that’s given to me, I take. Whatever little money that’s made available to me, I take. I know little about giving. Because I was so starved of everything a child needs growing up, I brought my lack into adulthood and into my marriage.

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