The Plot To Steal Joy: Day 5

Day 5 Unfolds:

In desiring friendship, first be a friend. In desiring a listening ear, first be a listening ear. In desiring time, first give your time. The principles of sowing and reaping is an irreversible universal law of nature and life. As surely as a farmer sows his seed in winter, he would surely reap a harvest in summer.

In any community you choose to be a part of, sow your time, energy and resources in order to reap the benefit of building meaning connections in the community. Imagine walking into a group with nothing to offer and you resent the fact that no one speaks to you or makes you feel welcomed or belonged. Now imagine walking into a group offering a smile, greeting and handshake; your effort would be rewarded with more smiles, greetings, handshakes and connections with a person or two.

There’s been a lot going on in my life of late and I had been consumed by them. Today I put those issues aside and took interest in someone else’s life and story. I learnt about their ups and downs and saw things outside of my own bubble.

When we take our eyes off ourselves and our own interests even for just a day, we’d notice your world opening up. We’d make new friends or existing friendships would go deeper. It’s hard to explain how this would come to be; it just does.   

We are no lone rangers or separated islands in the web of life. We are created for meaning connections that propel us forward in life.

The score today?

Joy 1: Friendship: 1

An orange tree in my friend's garden in the winter of California

An orange tree in my friend's garden in the winter of California