Let's talk Depression: An initial discussion

He was difficult to be around.

He carries an air so heavy around him it feels like a dark, stormy cloud wrapping us in its cold strangulation.

Every word out of his mouth carried such negativity they hit the listener like a ton of bricks and cause minor lacerations on the heart.

Every moment in his presence felt like a surrender to the sharp pierce of a hundred needles to which I had no shield. Our communication became bloody sword fights; we saw less of each other as we tried to busy ourselves with activities that kept us away from each other.

For the party to whom that hurt is projected onto, it often feels like it’s much easier to walk away, and it takes so much more understanding, humility and strength to stay.

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Why you should read Crazy Cycling Chick

Growing up as a highly-driven and motivated child, I often see men and women accomplishing great successes or feats of wonders and thought to myself, wow, that's incredible - I want to be like that. What I didn't realize then as a child, is that behind their accomplishments, behind the scene, away from the public eye and spotlight, is a journey riddled with doubt, discouragement, and disappointment, topped with incredible amounts of sweat and grit, pain and conflict, determination, and perseverance.

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American Towns: A Picture Journal: Part 1

The first day went by in a blur. I was excited to be getting on the road and covering as much distance as possible, having spent 6 months preparing for this day. We rode along the magnificent Oregon coast which lined the Pacific Ocean. I had lived in California and ridden along the Californian coast and thought the Californian coast to be beautiful - the Oregon coast somehow seemed more beautiful. Maybe because it’s way more north on the hemisphere and seemed more blue, I can’t be sure.

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San Francisco: A Malaysian Perspective

My first impression of San Francisco when I first visited in April 2012 - I was in the passenger seat, while my husband drove; he asked me: What did you think? to which I responded: Underwhelmed. Contrary to San Francisco’s efforts to enchant its visitors with its unique attractions, I was underwhelmed by its many lack of. Here I briefly ramble off 10 things. But of course, San Francisco is not without its charm - it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Now here's my take of this amazing place I now call home.

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This Ain’t No Walk in the Park: Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

Never again will I look at the Grand Canyon in the same way ever again. I first set eyes on her on a road trip in December 2011, during which I exclaimed to myself, this must be the most majestic place in the United States. And now in October 2017, almost 6 years later, to be able to get right up close and personal to her, not driving, but hiking right into her bosom, feels almost unreal. It's like a dream come true; a longing that's finally fulfilled.

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Stories from California: Bishop

I realized that my living in California is not a matter of chance or coincidence. There is a purpose for being where you are, doing what you do, meeting the people you meet. Thus I’ve taken upon myself a new mission - to speak with, discover, and deliver the voices of amazing people I meet in various cities in California. In this blog, I bring you three short stories from Bishop: a former marine turned country songwriter, a teenage fly fisherman, a group of sunburnt men hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

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